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With the first international Smart Engineering conference at the FHM Bielefeld campus, which dealt with data evaluation in manufacturing companies and an intelligent design of the product life cycle, the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) and its international partners officially concluded the project "Knowledge Alliance for Upskilling Europe's SMEs to Meet the Challenges of Smart Engineering". Altogether about 80 participants from eight countries took part in the conference.
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We have received more than 130 registrations for our confernce tomorrow (December 3rd)!

We are looking forward to welcome all of you tomorrow at 9:30 in the FHM Forum. Please take into account that there are no parking spaces at our own premises. In case you take your own car please use the Parkhaus Herrmannstrasse.


Manfred Leisenberg


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Industry Day 2019

FVEM organized the second edition of the Industry Day. An event in which FVEM brought the industrial reality closer to the professionals of the future, young students of technological branches of first of high school and first professional training courses.

Around 1,000 students of 23 educational centres all over the country visited 33 industrial companies simultaneously on 6th November.

They got to know the reality of these companies, their technologies, production processes, their innovative capacity, job profiles, etc. In these visits they were able to get to know first-hand what the Industry of Bizkaia is like.

Youtube video:


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Enclosed, pls. find the article where students presented their view related to Artificial intelligence and the future of society

The contribution was created within the Creative intelligence and innovation course at the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska. Authors-Erasmus students, 2018/19: Authors: Anamarija Radojkova, Yovanov Hristiyan, Sibel Imerovska.

Menthors: dr. Bojan Mevlja, prof. dr. Borut Likar

Artificial Intelligence - compete article

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Here is an interesting interview with Paolo Guadagni, founder of The Visual Agency, one of the first companies dedicated to data visualization in Italy. He describes the work as a startup with strong ties to Politecnico di Milano for organizations which need someone to manage, analyze and explain data.

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3635055025?profile=RESIZE_710xVRinSight is about educating higher education teachers about Virtual Reality (VR) in multi-user, social VR. This project tells you everything you need to know about applying VR in education.

VRinSight aims to usher in VR technology across the institutes of higher education by achieving the following objectives…..

  • Identifying the challenges faced by the SMEs of Europe and the current deficiencies of the Higher Education in relation to VR technology
  • Spearheading a VR training programme for Educators and SMEs in the application of VR technology in Business Management
  • Increasing awareness of VR technology across Higher Education and Business in Europe and develop methods of integrating VR learning into Higher education Curriculum

Recent developments in VR technology have already begun to reshape the world of…

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The manufacturing industry is entering Industry 4.0. In the quest to automate production and make machines wireless and operations smarter, petabytes of data are being generated and streamed for analysis. This makes safe and sustainable management of data and devices a challenge. Combining cellular networks with Industrial IoT (IIoT) will make manufacturing more effective and flexible – challenging the traditional connectivity paradigm.
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German students visit CLAAS

A group of students from the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands visited the Claas company in Harsewinkel on 28 August. There, they were informed about the influences of information technologies and data analysis on customer service and product design by one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

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Smart Industry affects all aspects of a manufacturing company; from research, development, (re)design and production, to marketing, service and recycling of products. It changes products, services, processes and what is even more important, business models of individual companies and entire branches. Smart Industry creates opportunities for existing and new companies in ‒ once ‒ traditional markets, and opens up new markets. Nevertheless, recent research shows that manufacturing companies tend to focus mainly on the technological aspects and (potential) efficiency gains of Smart Industry, rather than the opportunities of new business models.
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Enclosed, pls. find an innovative contribution where the students presented interesting aspects of artificial intelligence, while the first letters of each row form a  word ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE. This is similar approach as used in a poem of best Slovenian poet, dr. France Prešern, called: Primicovi Julji.

The contribution was created within the Creative intelligence and innovation course at the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska. Authors-Erasmus students, 2018/19: Veronika Joštová, Katarína Jančušová, Tadeja Hegediš and Tanja Kaudik. Menthors: dr. Bojan Mevlja, prof. dr. Borut Likar

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First Announcement and Call for Presentations

1. International Smart Engineering Conference Bielefeld, Germany

3. December 2019, University of Applied Science (FHM), Bielefeld, Germany


The 1. International Smart Engineering Conference will be organized by the University of Applied Science (FHM), Bielefeld, Germany. The conference is embedded into the SMeART – project of the European ERASMUS+ program. The event will be held on the FHM campus in Bielefeld, December 3rd, 2019. The theme of the conference is: "Smart engineering for small and medium sized enterprises (SME)".

Topics of interest

  • Presentations in all areas of smart engineering application are invited with a particular emphasis on the theme of the conference and on current issues in smart engineering such as:
  • Smart engineering in Industry 4.0 environments
  • Internet…
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Dear all

On 3.6.2019 the dissemination event performed with cooperation of the METREL d.d. company which was present at the Hannover Exibition 2019 in Hall 12. Mr. Bruno Jelenčič, Marketing director, from METREL d.d. , presented the company`s development, products, market niche and competitive advantage to a group of 30 students who are attending the "Od ideje do izdelka- From idea to project" course. Students were also invited to cooperation with the company and informed about SMeARTproject and contemporanery technologies for SMEs.

Best Regards
Aleksander Janeš

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Completed in August 2018, the “Fit for Industry 4.0” Project of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences focused on Qualification and Training requirements of Industry 4.0 in top cluster company of the area Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL), Germany.

Digitization and IoT have become the drivers of a far-reaching transformation process in companies worldwide. Companies are now faced with the challenge of shaping this change while considering the people and the organisation, in addition to technology. The aim of this study was therefore to examine the effects of the digitization of company employment and competence requirements, differentiated according to employee groups.

The empirical survey investigates the questions of the status in local companies and how the tasks and competence requirements for different groups of employees change as a result of digitization.

Result Charts:…

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On the 21st of May I joined a company visit to Nuscience ( in Drongen, Belgium.
Nuscience makes additives for animal food (the so called premix), mostly for pigs, poultry and cattle. With their completely new production tower, they focus on quality and sustainability.

3077313853?profile=RESIZE_710xNuscience won the ‘Factory of the Future’-award of Flanders Make in 2017. They successfully passed the intensive audits.
- To know more about the Factory of the Future award, one can read the previous article 'How does a manufacturing company become a factory ready for the future?'-
Plant manager Chris Mercier not only welcomed the group, but also explained the whole process and he was…

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Dear all

On 22.5.2019 the dissemination event performed with cooperation of the 3 PORT d.o.o. company which is a project partner. Mr. Simon Ražman, from 3 PORT d.o.o., presented the company`s market niche and competitive advantage to a group of 28 students who are attending the "Od ideje do izdelka- From idea to project" course. Students were informed about SMeARTproject and contemporanery technologies for SMEs.

Best Regards
Aleksander Janeš

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Dear Sirs and Madames,


On behalf of a scientific work, for my studies as an industrial engineer, I got an insight into the "Erasmus + SMeART project" through Professor Leisenberg.Due to the very detailed and precise process description for the introduction of Industry 4.0, or Smart Factory, this project is a very good help for SMEs.I would like to thank you for the insight and the trust in the project and I wish all participants continued success.


Yours sincerely


Lukas Regnery

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Paper at EDUCON 2019

The IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) is the flagship conference of the IEEE Education Society and one of the most important conferences on Engineering Education in the IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). This year EDUCON2019, was be organized by the American University in Dubai, UAE. The event  was held in Dubai, UAE, April 9-11, 2019. During the conference, for the second time a Special Session on Internet of Things (IoT) Education has been organized. IoT is also in the focus of our SMeART project. The event focuses on all the educational activities related to IoT, including academic and VET programs, work-based education, virtual and remote labs for didactic porpoises, national and international educational policies and instruments, international projects. So I was very happy to be chosen to lead the IoT session together with my Italian colleague Dario Assante. In addition, I gave a talk on "Internet of…

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